Mind over matter 1 : boiler develops a fault
Mind over matter2 : I hate the cold
Mind over matter 3 : I hope there’s something warming on tv
My central heating boiler developed a fault and stopped. I couldn’t get hold of an engineer for two days so decided to try mind over matter – positive self-talk about the plummeting temperature in my house. I mean – growing up in the 1950’s, we didn’t have heating in our bedrooms, ice on inside of windows & all that. Suppose it would shrink my carbon foot print a little bit – ho hum. And it’s grim feeling cold, worse to sit still and read for instance. Feels like being besieged with discomfort, even wearing several fleeces. ‘I have a sergeant major’ side to my character and she said ‘Don’t be a wimp, pull up your socks, call this real cold -huh !’ The best bit after the fault was fixed was to bask in the restored warmth, all thoughts of cold melted. Inspiration. Still thinking about Grayson Perry and why he is so inspiring. For me its because he relates to his subjects with empathy and modesty. He has the rare quality of being entirely himself, showing his vulnerability, whilst being a very well known person. GraysonP RylandClarkeHe turns his gaze on us as social beings. I think he has extraordinary imagination and creativity through which he reflects us back to ourselves. I understand people differently when I’ve seen his work. Like Ryland Clarke the reality tv star as the ‘Earl of Essex.    normalfamily   IamaMan Or the male gay couple whoa adopted a mixed race boy. Or the transgender teenager as a statue called ‘I am a man’. Considering inspiration for blogs and self-published stories, I bought a sign in a folksy shop : ‘Careful or you’ll end up in my novel’. It made me laugh, as a bizarre threat, maybe the person next to you is writing a confessional novel …..