To start with self-help books. I’ve learnt so much from some books, such as, your life is not a rehearsal, its the real thing, from Kundera’s ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being. From Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’, we have the power to make meaning from unchosen life events. But seeing a current list of self-help titles makes me want to shout! I can achieve happiness/ success in relationships/ improve my destiny…. ‘If it were that easy, we’d all have done it!bookshop3 I was recently in Waterloo Station, and noticed this from 1854, one’s last journey by train.



Do jellyfish, and other fish have souls ? Went to the ‘Sea Life Aquarium’, by the Thames, hoping for a magical experience gazing at fish. Another visitor ahead of me in the queue harangued the staff member :’These creatures should be at liberty, in their own habitat. We have no right to remove them. They are imprisoned here’.
Sea Life card
jellyfish There were many sea creatures – sharks, sting rays, sea horses, jellyfish, in small tanks. You could press your nose against the glass. I began to worry about how much awareness each fish had about its environment, are sharks more aware than cod fish ? Are sting rays more aware than jellyfish ? How do we know? We don’t. They don’t belong here. Instead of wonder I felt anger,sadness. The tanks were mean sized, a shark  could swim the length of its tank in five minutes. There were four penguins in a tacky side show set of the Antarctic, no daylight of course. The other visitor was right, this is not OK. There is nothing magical about these places. I am now signing petitions against animal captivity. I do believe that my dog has a soul, why not fish ?
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