Does our world shrink as we get older ? Found myself doing a body watch of me – the once familiar country of my body is changed, its topography shifts.Need to chart my new landscape. New blotches, lumps and bumps. Plus a lurking vigilance, checking there are no signs of something sinister. Twisted my ankle, want to see how it’s doing – it’s still different to the other one. Do a foot norm test.
What changes ? My youthful carefree energy and optimism has shrunk. Use my energy more carefully now. Looking at younger people, Admire their zest and drive to succeed. Sometimes, it’s good to be still and quiet, enjoy small pleasures, like a good conversation with a friend, a joke with a shop owner. Feels like a freedom to step out of the hampster wheel of work. Small achievements are so pleasing. Having friends round to eat, the dishwasher is full at the end of the meal when they have gone. Seeing it full says we had a good evening, different to my solo dish and spoon. Hurray, my new self-assemble compost bin is up finally ! Big bin, shrunken aspirations maybe ?
big compost
The universe of ideas, campaigns, stories opens into new space. New freedom from work. This new space is expand not shrinks.
New topic : I’m reading: Pigs Sing ‘The Pig Who Sang to the Moon’ by Jeffrey Masson – animals have feelings, we are shaped by how we treat them -Do jellyfish have souls I wondered in post on March 9th 2015.