As Nat King Cole sang in 1963,’Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer’ – a merry song with carefree lyrics. The mood of his song catches mine just now. These recent warm and breezy days of the English summer are soothing I find, a bit nostalgic. I love to go to Italy and Greece too. Then return to the gentler, very green quality of England. I sniff some sentimentality creeping in here.
To celebrate this balmy summer, I’ve been to summer events – a performance of ‘Caged’ by Motionhouse Theatre- a contemporary dance group. Their style is emotional, physically daring and very acrobatic. They performed in the town square, surrounded by café tables, using only a simple scaffolding structure as a set. I hold my breath in excitement as their piece drew you into their caged existence – invoking institutions, imprisonment, domestic violence, contested borders and more. The message needed no words, it speaks through movement. They perform both nationally and internationally.
Then Mikron’s performance of ‘Fish and Chips’, their latest play, staged in the allotments against a backdrop of blackcurrant bushes and tomato plants. Pure comedy entertainment, in the tradition of travelling players. Only four Mikron actors playing many parts, and musical instruments, singing songs written for the play. I love the homeliness and sense of community that came with this experience, backdrop of lush blackcurrant bushes. Those lazy hazy crazy days of summer…