I have just been to the Greek island of Skyros. Very beautiful, surrounded by the tideless turquoise sea, impossible not to feel its mythic quality. As with any mythic journey, your arrival and departure are charged with feeling.
Skyros5Skyros4 The mythic Aegean Sea. One evening there is a folk concert on the cliff, under the Skyrian moon, the mythic Aegean sea behind them as the stage set for the band. The band is lit up in a cocoon of rosy light against the darkness. I think of Odysseus, his epic sea journey with a mission- he set off from Skyros. The villagers assemble in the dark, coming and going, mamas, small children, teenagers, lovers, old men. The ancient hillside darkness is pierced by white flashes of light from phones, ipads taking photos. A little girl, sitting on the rock in front of me, holds her mama’s phone taking photos of the dark sky. She stares at these magic flashes of light. The local people live Greek history, it’s part of their daily life, its nothing special.Aegeansea concert The band playing on the cliff.
Another day, I did a sea meditation as a way of accessing a subject to write about. I stayed in the sea for twenty minutes or so, thinking only of being in the sea. Then wrote down whatever words came into my mind. From nowhere I felt a sadness for my partner who died four years ago, and then a sense of peacefulness. Here’s what I wrote. Millions of Sea Beads
Where has my heart gone ? It’s in the sea, I left it in the sea…where in the sea, the sea is so big, how will I find my heart ? I will sit on the seashore and listen, to the swish and murmur of the waves, really listen, listen – breathe three times. I see the people chatting together in the sea. Cheerful voices – can they help me find my heart ? I see a woman with a stick prodding the sand, she may find it, or a stone instead. the sun is high, high noon. How long will my search take me ? How many summers ? The sun spins millions of water beads, dancing, glittering on the tideless sea. they will take my search for me, I give it to them, I can let go and sleep.