I’ve joined a class named ‘Mindfulness for Everyday Living’. I’m curious about being Mindful. Someone told me that you learn to stand on the riverbank of your own ‘thought stream’, and you watch leaves being carried by on the current. You can decide to put a worrying thought on a leaf and watch it travel away from you. Or you can jump in the stream yourself and be carried away by the current.
Well, that sounds clear enough, doesn’t it ? Can I learn how to do this thought ? I tried calm breathing before, in the relaxation section of a yoga class. You laid on your mat, and the teacher said in a slow voice….’You are being bathed in a deeeep indigo light..’ and every time I’d go off on a mindless ramble in my head, such as : what colour is indigo ? Is it purple ? Or is it violet ?
I hope the Mindfulness class will cure me of this habit.
The Mindfulness tutor leads us in our first breathing meditation, a body scan :
Tutor: Close your eyes, relax in your chair. Focus on each part of your body, and breathe in – one – two- three-four-five and out for five.
Me to Myself: What does each part of my body say in response to the scan ?
Toes: ok still there
Knees: not transmitting
Belly: belt too tight, you ate too much
Backside : no comment
Neck : knotty
Face : soft as no need to make expressions as the eyes are closed
My inner voice breaks in… it feels weird, closing your eyes in a room full of strangers ..I can’t hear the tutor using his muttering meditation voice, it annoys me not to hear his instructions, I might be missing a mind changing moment ?
Outside the classroom, the wind howls. It makes a ‘woooing’ sound in here.
This body scan skill seems possible, bit by bit. Guess I have a fear – supposing that when you become mindful, a bottomless well will open up, full of fears and sneery thoughts. Have to try it to find out, to see if it true. I’d like to notice my thoughts and not feel stressed by them.
As Mindfulness is on my mind, I noticed an ad on the community board, in the supermarket. It said :
‘Mindfulness Classes Held Weekly – upstairs in the Fat Pug pub’. I imagined how that would be. Wafts of beer from downstairs, conversations drifting up from the saloon bar, football game on the giant screen. So here’s what it could look like.
Mindfulness Class upstairs at the Fat Pug
Tutor: Body scan.. breathe in for 5, tune into your toes..out for five
Fat Pug Customers: what crisps have you got ? Any Monster Munch ? Good game on Sky ? It’s your round.
Student one : thought bubble – I fancy a beer — er 4, 5
Student two : thought bubble – and a packet of crisps – er 2, 3
Student three : thought bubble – Who’s playing in the Sky sports game ? – er – toes, toes
What do you think ? Does Mindfulness help us ?