I wrote this on February 29, that special Leap Year day. The Mindfulness class continues.
I ask myself : Can …I …Be… In… The… Moment ? Decided to collect some of my ‘being in’ moments.
1. Cut open a new carton of ground Kenyan coffee and sniff deeplyNikon Pictures 005
2. Savouring the first mouthful of rice with preserved dark sour lemon and ras el hanout spices – smokey, earth red.Ras El Hanou 006
3. Breathing in the fumey smell of new creosote on the pavement
4. The opening bars of ‘Somebody to Love’ – Grace Slick’s unearthly voice with Jefferson Airplane :link
5. New green leaves pushing out of the soil, the loud orangeness of an orange.Nikon Pictures 001
Nikon Pictures 013

6. After hip surgery, the magical feel of my first shower after three weeks of washing in the kitchen sink. Warm water trickling between my shoulder blades, onto my toes, getting wet all over.
These moments so pure and precious, why not ‘Be Here’ more often ?

What pulls me away from the moment ?

It can be sneaky moods clouds, ‘internal weather’ my late partner called it. Feeling ill at ease about nothing in particular, scratchy, preoccupied.
Or planning for a failure in case it happens…suppose I can’t find a man to fix the missing roof slate, it’s raining, the rain will pour into the loft. And the ceiling will fall down.
Maybe, recalling what I said to a friend, me blurting out a comment – was I insensitive as she went all quiet ? What should I do ?
And, shall I check my phone..? No don’t..but I want to…

What about your ‘being in’ moments ?