Where to next ?  The Monster Park, a woodland inhabited by huge stone creatures and mythical beings. A folly from 1552, where the cleverly designed winding paths lead you to meet.. an elephant, giants, a turtle, a mermaid. You step into a dream landscape, small, child like, wondering how these statues came into being ?

Giants' feet as big as sofas

 Giants’ feet big as sofas. I am in awe of the grandiosity of this whole Monster Garden project. Would the modern equivalent be a building like the ‘Shard’, in London, which shouts power and wealth through its design and height ?


One giant beating the other into submission. I wonder if the patron of the Monster Park, in 1552, was slyly alluding to two magnates of their day slogging it out in Bel’Paese  politics ?

Roll back some centuries to the Etruscan universe. A culture with no written language, as I understand. Instead their burial customs can speak about their beliefs. Etruscans used a sarcophagus shapeddscn0340like a bath with a stone lid. Laid out on top of the lid is the effigy of the departed. I find this one has a gentle delicacy, reminds me of our message to the dead : rest in peace.dscn0339

Here is bas- relief panel from the side of a sarcophagus. I sense the energy of the horses, held in check by the charioteer. Astonishing, to me, that it was created four hundred years BC. Then to be re-discovered now. Let’s end with a tax inspector’s effigy, wearing his official outfit, looking self-assured and well fed, I think. As we know, tax inspectors are always with us.