I have a new Instagram account.  I’m learning about #themes, joining in conversations. And sharing other people’s fabulous photos . Maybe they’ll like some of mine.

First thing to do is  figure out what I’m interested in, not always so easy to pin down I find. Like nailing down mercury. Some of my favoured themes are clear and jump out at me. For example, my canine friend and all his activities – in this case shredding Christmas paper. So : caninefriends.

Max shredding paper
Max shredding paper

Also the theme of gorgeous design and clothes, and the social scene around them, such as the Jazz  Age shown in the London textile Museum. So : textilemuseumjazzage

spirit of the age surveying the scene
1920s spirit of the age surveying the scene

Or, just think about the 1950’s, the Festival of Britain, explosion of colour and ferment of creative talent in clothes, interior design, food mixers, science and technology. I saw an on-trend 50’s wallpaper, whose design was based on the structure of insulin ! How inventive is that.  50’sdomesticdesign – does that describe it ?

What about quirky observations – scenes that grab your imagination for reasons you can’t quite explain ? Like these scaffolders, who could be dancers and their artistic shadows. Scenes  that make life pleasing and particular.  So : menatworkdancers ?


Or the wonderfully named ‘Moonlight Supermarket’ in Islington, for night time shopping. Moonlight to me conjures up romance, rendezvous, mystery. Not usually supermarkets. Is there a matching ‘Sunshine’ Shopping for daylight groceries ? nightanddayretailoutlets


Or here’s a picture I took on a narrow Italian road winding up the Amalfi hillside. I just love the distortion given by the road side mirror – it was an already bendy road. It has a sense of place for me, quiet, steep, dusty, away from the tourist buses. What  theme would that be, I wonder…senseofplace Amalfi ?


bend in the road, Amalfi coast
bend in the road, Amalfi coast

How do you express a mood, an experience that’s intriguing, personal ? Do you have  photos  that do that ? How would you find a theme that interests you, in a blog or on Instagram ?

All the best for 2017.