Poem prompted by a personal experience, and wider world events…

                                                images courtesy of daija.info + forbes.com

                                                             Elephant in the Room

We sit around talking – life , politics,

media. One quiet, one brash, another

charismatic. Voices rise, he says

“The earth is flat”,  mmmm…”the earth is flat!”

Just silence. The elephant grows and grows

blocking the space, it sucks oxygen from

 the room.  I’m squashed, can’t breath, invisible

  and  hot with rage and shame. Of course we all

know the earth is round, the rest of us in

the room.  We all collude,  how come? Our fear

of ridicule or being the lone voice?

 I must breathe deeply, speak my own truth, open

the doors, let the elephant slink away.