Twittering Tales #46 – 22 August 2017

Twittering Tale # 46  22 August 2017  – Cosmic Picnic


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Kat’s photo this week is inspired by the recent eclipse, set me thinking about cosmic events.

Forget the eclipse, I can see molten lava coming out of a deep abyss in the hillside. Is this normal ? Is it the Day of Judgement ? Quick let’s cook the burghers !





Kat’s photo this week is a microscope, in a laboratory. Set me thinking about gene therapy and gene manipulation.. See what you think.

Twittering Tale #44 – 7 August 2017


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Aha the gene therapy worked, at last a human- spider hybrid. Think of its spiderlings spinning, sprinting, hatching a hundred eggs at a time. Power at last !



Twittering Tale # 46  22 August 2017