photo courtesy of Roger Bultot                                                              

Rochelle’s challenge for this week is prompted by a photo of a grand art gallery. 100 words to tell the story connected with this picture.


‘OK team, Zak here, walkies-talkies on  –doors opening to the public now…’

‘Zak, it’s Mina, upstairs, reporting a strange group of people. What shall I do ? ‘

‘Archie here, atrium, a man in a pink pantomime outfit and platform shoes has just passed me, with followers…’

‘Causing nuisance ?’

‘No, they’re smiling.’

‘Fatima here, seen a group of bohemian people tap dancing. Terrorists ?’

‘Ed speaking by front doors. Spotted some flamboyant people exiting the building. They’re singing..’

‘Team, we have experienced a visitation from a zany group. Seems they want to run amok with what art stands for. What next ?’