photo courtesy of Jean L Hays       Rochelle’s challenge this week is prompted by a mysterious photo – what is going on here ?  Here’s my story.                  


‘We can’t keep Poh-Poh in the garage any longer Lin’.

‘Why not Han ? We’ve kidnapped her til we have an escape plan’.

‘But her grunts, her snuffling – the neighbours are bound to hear, become suspicious. Uncle Mah is coming tomorrow, three days before the wedding…the banquet.. we know what’ll happen to Poh-Poh then…’

‘Let’s dress Poh-Poh in a fleece, pop her into the trunk of the car, drive her to the park.’

‘Oh no Han. Uncle Mah has come a day early….’

‘Hello Uncle, you’re here already, keen to visit the farm, see your prize Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig.?’