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Pegman this week takes us to Baltimore, home of the John Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine. Here is my 150 word story.            

John Hopkins’ Vision and Ada

John Hopkins Board of Trustees meeting 1893.

‘Let us begin with the critical issue of funding. Our hopes for the new John Hopkins School of Medicine will be dashed – our funds have run out. As our patron said, patient care goes hand in hand with teaching and research. Yes Miss Ada ? ‘

‘I speak for the four daughters of the original Trustees. We have a proposal. We offer to pay for the new school….’

‘Marvellous news…’

‘….on condition that the school accepts women to train as doctors.’

‘Yes Dr Welch ?’

‘Preposterous ! Unthinkable ! The fairer sex will disturb our valiant men students. Ladies faint at the sight of blood, their dainty minds would be overwhelmed by medical science, it’s unseemly..’

‘Moving on Dr Welch. Yes Miss Ada ?’

‘Put simply, no women, no funding sirs. “Equality is the Sacred Law of Humanity”, as I’m sure you would agree sirs.’


Note : I based this re-creation of such a meeting on historical facts. I chose the name Ada.