PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Can you write a story in 100 words, inspired by this vibrant image ? That’s Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers challenge for this week. Here’s my story.


” Hi, Li-Juan here, I’m at the meeting place. Where are you Ming ?”

“Just a street away. Think I’m being followed.”

” Go carefully Ming. Beijing agents are very efficient.”

“OK guys – glad you made it undetected. Who chose this place – Zhang  ? It’s crazy, bright lights, CCTV, tourists – ultra visible.”

“Li-Juan, it’s Paris, they understand protests here, and open elections”.

“We need to re-group, get our tiger courage back. Show me your umbrellas guys, remind ourselves of what we all did in Hong Kong. Our Umbrella Movement.”

“Let’s check out those students in that corner café……”


Footnote : this is an imagined encounter, though based on a real event in Hong Kong. From 26th September to 15th December 2014, young people protested against the Beijing government reneging on an agreement to grant them open elections. Protesters carried yellow umbrellas – known as the ‘Umbrella Revolution’.