photo courtesy of Jonik, own work CC BY-SA3.0

Pegman takes us to the Basque Region, in Navarre this week. Are you inspired to write a 150 word story ? Here’s mine.


‘Marco – what are we doing ?! This is crazy, posing for the tourist board : come to exotic Goizueta in the Basque Country  huh ? What would your Marxist grandfather say, Paulo, if he saw us ?’

‘I think those 1950’s Separatists were misguided to use violence to achieve an Independent Socialist Basque Country’.

‘Marco, what about the police atrocities the regime tried to hide ? Torturing separatists ? It was a barbaric provocation.’

‘Then those dark years of Franco’s dictatorship…..’

‘And finally, Gracias a Dios, we won Basque autonomy, a role in politics, recognition at long last.’

‘Isn’t that worth fighting for Marco ?

‘Yes, on that we agree, we are Basques – a place where we belong, to believe in, our own language and way of life. So the end justifies the means , no ?’

‘Enough of talk and toadstools, Paulo ! Time for a beer.’