Welcome to Rochelle’s weekly Friday Fictioneers’ challenge. Can you write a 100 word story inspired by this photo ? Here’s mine.           

Photo by J S Brand


‘He’s gone Mimi !’

‘Who’s gone ?’

‘Valentino, my partner of twenty years. Just left his wood carving and vanished’.

‘Why ?’

‘I was angry with him — leaves great slimey trails of mud and wood-shavings,  foul footprints all over the kitchen floor. Told him a million times to stop. Ignores me. He’s remote as Alaska, cruel. I’m so sensitive. Does he ask me how I feel ? Never !  What shall I do Mimi ?’

‘Let’s look at his Facebook page. Wow – what’s this ? Review of a new book….Did you know about this ?  Relationship Guru, Valentino Soul has written a best seller ‘Live the Perfect Love’, with his co-author Harmony Bond the relationship therapist….