This week’s Friday Fictioneers’ challenge : can you write 100 words inspired by this photo ?


Baroar strode through the icy stream, gashed, his blood staining the water in his wake. He must reach the seaport or the Gunnars’ clan, sworn to kill Boraor, will end his bloodline.

His strength ebbs. Here is the seafront, and the whaling-ship Skarpa.  Huge waves crash against the shore. Where is Hallfroer, captain of the Skarpa ?

Hallfreor stares at the tumultuous sea, salt bitten, frowning. No sailing today. Boroar begs with the dregs of his strength. I must reach the Island today, find out who my real father is. Will you take me ? Hallfreor  nods, voice drowned out by the dark dread sea.