photo  courtesy of Douglas. M.Macilroy

Well, what is going on in this week’s photo prompt ?

For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers we are challenged to create a 100 word story. This is what I imagined.


Bbzzzt ……nnnnngg : Hello  hello…. are you receiving me ? Antennae tuned ?

Affirmative:   From this heliosphere distance. Note the alien form of plasma screen nearby. No sign of Oort cloud icy bodies here. Good.

Findings : Benevolent signs of globe surface compatibility and sweet food sources. Shall we send an advanced party to test viability for the Striped Ones ?  Nest site positive?

Yes:  Becoming urgent – she’s impatient now.

Bbbbzzztt : Take formation // hover  // ready to dive // down we go brothers. This globe site is our new colony.

Vasp Mother needs a new nursery.