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This week Pegman takes us to the British Virgin Islands, in the Carribean, in search of sunshine. The challenge is  — can you write a 150 word story inspired by these beautiful islands ?


” Welcome to Lucille’s Travel Tips video site, here to help you around the B.V.I’s Today we wander around the Ferry Port.”

My cousin works here – she got me permission to film. A gift.

” Here come passengers off the Norwegian Escape Cruiser, walking towards the new Help desk.”

We mended enough of the storm damage to keep the big ferries coming. Their money feeds my family. I was so scared after Hurricane Irma, that we’d have no more tourists.

” The Help desk people can tell you  : about hiring a scooter, small boat trips, best bars..”

Our islands are so beautiful, jewels in the crystal clear ocean. No wonder tourists come. Some are so rude, so arrogant. They don’t care to know how we locals live.

“Swimming, sailing, snorkling. Feast on the gorgeous seafood. So that’s Lucille’s travel tips for today — Lucille’s signing off.”

Time to go home, feed my kids.