photo courtesy of  CEAyr                              

Rochelle’s splendid Friday Fictioneers’ challenge this week is prompted by this intriguing image. Are you inspired to write a 100 words ?


” Jools are you there ? Don’t be shy, no-one’s about but me. It’s siesta time. Come down into the garden. Come sit  with me awhile.  You are so beautiful.”

“I’m blushing you bad boy…”

“Kiss me ?”

“Romey, come sit closer to me.”

“Your eyes are like stars”

” Stars send bad omens, don’t speak of them. Us two lovers we are twin halves…”

“All together now  —  We One World Make.”

“Hello Nana, you look fearful. What is wrong ?”

“You’re both in grave danger. The old men know about you.”

” Come along Jools, hop on my Vespa — we’re off to Bologna ! “