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Pegman takes us to Northern Ireland, in honour of St. Patrick’s day. The challenge, to write 150 words inspired by this country and its culture.


” I’ve a bad feeling Bernie…”

“Uni work ? No ? Say more Declan.”

“We’re good friends Bernie, aren’t we ? Me Protestant, you Catholic – yes ?”

” We know how it was during the Troubles…”

“Thankfully we can live in peace in our own communities now ?”

“Yes, the scars of the past are healing. My Grandpa still talks about the savage sectarian violence of those days. Roadside bombings, shopping malls targeted, vendettas, mistrust of the ‘other’ community. ”

“Then bang ! Wretched Brexit talks are sending a big noise from Westminster. The British Government can rip open the old scar, with rumours of re-uniting the island of Ireland. ”

“..and we’d pay the price, as collateral damage from these Brexit border negotiations. I feel the weight of uncertainty bearing down on us..”

“..our future lies in the balance, Bernie. What can we do ? Move to Europe ? Pray ? ”

” We can stay friends Declan. It’s St. Patrick’s Day. ”