Dear Friday Fictioneers

Over the last month I have been unable to leave my comments on some of your sites -that’s the best bit of F F’s for me. Please could you check the comments section of your dashboard, for Woman Walks Dog and click on approve. I appreciate your help. Francine



photo courtesy of J Hardy Carroll



Downsizing huh ! I am ship wrecked with boxes, my past life spilled out. Cathleen’s slippers, worn down, she wouldn’t listen, stubborn woman, she  walked out on me. Sons Jake and Maurice wouldn’t stay, left for England , that wicked place, deaf to my warnings. One Christmas card, then nothing.

Right at the bottom, a yellowed envelope dry as a moth’s wing, Irish stamp, a letter from Grandma Rose. Her words finally reach me across the years, ‘Dennis, heed what I’m telling you, say nothing and keep on saying it !’

Too late.