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Friday Fictioneers January 31st 2020 The Snow Globe


‘ Mama, the little man in the snow globe has moved, he’s twisted up.’

‘Emmaline, don’t be silly, the snow globe people can’t move’

‘And the little lady is stiff ‘

‘Shush child, go play with your snow globe.’

‘I hear our neighbour’s son is stricken with the dreadful Spanish flu, Grace,’

‘People are dying like flies, Robert, it’s an unusually deadly influenza pandemic.’

‘Caught  from coughs, sneezes or even talking, we must avoid other people like the plague Grace’.

‘Daddy what’s  pandemic?’

‘Don’t you worry sweetheart’.


‘Coming so soon after the The Great War it’s God’s curse for mass slaughter, Grace’.



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  1. Wonderfully written, Francine. Scary, these cases of flu viruses that keep showing up.

  2. Makes one think the reality of the world today.

  3. The Spanish Flu was more deadly than the world war that preceded it. Thankfully, medicine and science have moved on from those days. Let’s hope we can combat this latest outbreak. Topical story, Fracine

    • Thanks so much for your comment Lynn. The breaking news about coronavirus set me thinking about pandemics. I can imagine that people in the 1900’s could see the flu as a Biblical plague. Thank goodness medicine has advanced so much from then.

      • I’m sure many did see it that way. Though perhaps not so many as back in the 1300s during the Black Death! And yes, we’re lucky to live in these times, most certainly.

  4. The timing of the flu pandemic was a bit suspicious, wasn’t it?

  5. At least steps are being taken to contain it, but with air travel so prevalent, it seems close to impossible. A frightening thing from which to protect one’s child.

  6. This was an ambitious attempt, Francine. I like the use of the snow globe as a metaphor for the isolation needed to control an epidemic. And the parents attempts to reassure their daughter while fearing the worst are effective.

  7. Current affairs makes this so real and a reminder of what can happen.

  8. Deep and disturbing, I like it!

  9. God’s curse – now that is worrying.

    Here’s mine!

  10. I’m thinking the folk in the snow globe have the flu too, life imitating life imitating news of today

  11. Dear Francine,

    If I miss my guess, we went from the POV outside the snow globe to inside of it. It was a little hard to follow. But very topical.



  12. That was a flu that people knew, no flu jabs then, come all unexpected

  13. We both saw something similar in the prompt – I guess we’re both influenced by the current news from China! Good take.

  14. The Spanish flu is one we shouldn’t forget

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