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Friday Fictioneers 19 March 2021 Five Easy Steps


Thanks to dear Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and to Liz Young for the photo.

At school, Joseph was the boy they never picked for the football team. He’d show them.

‘Transform your Life in Five Easy Steps’.

‘Find an ancient woodland with deciduous trees, a canopy that makes dappled shade. Ensure the soil is rich and peaty.

Stand up close to a bean plant, curling its tendrils up the canes  of its wigwam,  part the leaves and journey inwards to their molecules, fed by warmth and rain. Maybe they will burst into life before your very eyes, sprouting long green bodies every day. Pick a handful and cook them for your supper. There’ll be more tomorrow’.

The meaning of life.

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  1. What an interesting and optimistic tale! Love it, Francine.

  2. Dear Francine,

    So this is the meaning of life? So simple. I hope this helps him. Intriguing imagery.



  3. I’m glad he didn’t let the others get to him and that he enjoys his simple life with nature. Good story!

  4. You left me thinking about Jack with his Beans, strange I have completely forgotten about that fairy tale

  5. Good one. I could go for that kind of walk about now. It’s chilly, but the sun is out…so, what am I doing… spring cleaning and weedling. It’s amazing how much “junk” has accrued since last year.

    • Thanks for comment, I recognize our clearing out, housework focus at the moment that you refer to. Sign of the times.

      • Actually, in the grand scheme we got rid of very very little. I’ve just lost so much weight (close to 200lbs) in the last two years that I’m pretty sure I don’t need to keep the 3x & 2x clothes anymore.

  6. Great story. Mystic.

  7. I bet he’s glad he didn’t get picked for footie now! Nice one.

    My story!

  8. Wait, it’s not 42?
    Weirdly amusing tribute to beans, Patience

  9. His life sure is changed. If it’s the way he wanted is another question.

  10. Lucky Joseph! Now all he needs is friends

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