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Friday Fictioneers 30thJuly 2021 EVIL EYE

Thanks to dear Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and to Roger for the photo.



Thee apples have fallen from the tree, blackened, barely formed,

I have an outbreak of boils.

Yesterday my son drove my car into a wall, we’re all out of money and have a persistent coughs. My sense of taste has gone.

Who has put the evil eye on me ? Enough of these tribulations, we need an amulet to protect and restore us.

How does it go ? Eye of newt, leg of toad, hair of dog, old sim card, a pinch of bile, and a photo of our favourite room—the lounge.

Please may it lift this spell of bad luck.


21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 30thJuly 2021 EVIL EYE

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  1. Love your list of ingredients for a present-day amulet, especially “hair of dog”!

  2. I love the “eye of newt” and the “old sim card.” She’s a modern witch. I hope it works. There’s a lot of people around the globe that could use a remedy for the evil eye. Nicely written!!

  3. Bad luck has to change sometime. I hope. Humourous and quirky tale.

  4. Dear Francine,

    Old sim card made me laugh. Hope it works. Imaginative take on the prompt.



  5. That’s a powerful recipe, but I’m sure adding “expired credit card” would guarantee success 🙂

  6. Your story reminds me of this old Ray Charles song. Just replace busted with cursed. May it be lifted soon!

  7. Even witches have to keep up with the times, it seems. And doesn’t it feel like when one miserable thing happens, there is a chain reaction? Ugh… May it break soon!

  8. What a fun take. I, too, love the updated recipe.

  9. Loved the updating of the witches’ brew recipe

  10. Loved the updating of the witches brew recipe

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