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Eyeballing older age

Fearful day in freefall – my visit to the eye clinic

I wake up, blink, the filminess in my right eye is still there, it's day 5. Dread creeps up to chest level, the fear of lost sight wins over denial, the filminess is not going away. What to do ? Ring opticians -... Continue Reading →


Eyeballing older age shrinking world ?, Small achievements

Does our world shrink as we get older ? Found myself doing a body watch of me - the once familiar country of my body is changed, its topography shifts.Need to chart my new landscape. New blotches, lumps and bumps.... Continue Reading →

House and Home, Time Travel, Beware of Lemon Meringue Pie

Been thinking about the place we call home and the question: is it where we were born ? Is it where you grew up ? Is the house you make your own ? My instant feeling  is -it's my house... Continue Reading →

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