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My Dear Departed Dog – a Haibun

My Dear Departed Dog - a Haibun We friends step out of the café and part ways, I gaze at the familiar bustling street scene In front of me. It feels empty and I'm hit  again ---  you are not there, but gone for  ever.... Continue Reading →

Ties that bind us – love, fear and freedom

I'm signed up for a weekend course at a centre in rural Gloucestershire. It's titled :'Lifelines- how to have a free spirit when you draw people '. Intriguing, wonder what form the sessions will take. I've never been to this... Continue Reading →

Letter to my old dog Max – dogs and us, kith and kin

Dear Max I've been thinking about you growing older. We go downstairs together for breakfast, as we've done for such a long time. Your back legs are stiff, you climb down each step and pause before the next one down.... Continue Reading →

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