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Friday Fictioneers 22.11.17 Grandmother’s Closet

Friday Fictioneers   22.11.17 Thanks to Rochelle for her photo prompt this week. Grandmother's Closet Sylvester ! Where are you hiding, you slithery snake? Oh dear - the closet door in Grandma's room is open. Ha ha - a garter... Continue Reading →


My Dear Departed Dog – a Haibun

My Dear Departed Dog - a Haibun We friends step out of the café and part ways, I gaze at the familiar bustling street scene In front of me. It feels empty and I'm hit  again ---  you are not there, but gone for  ever.... Continue Reading →

Ties that bind us – love, fear and freedom

I'm signed up for a weekend course at a centre in rural Gloucestershire. It's titled :'Lifelines- how to have a free spirit when you draw people '. Intriguing, wonder what form the sessions will take. I've never been to this... Continue Reading →

Letter to my old dog Max – dogs and us, kith and kin

Dear Max I've been thinking about you growing older. We go downstairs together for breakfast, as we've done for such a long time. Your back legs are stiff, you climb down each step and pause before the next one down.... Continue Reading →

Kith, Kin and pets

My dog is now very old and stiff from arthritis. Some days he can be quite spritely in an elderly way. Then he twists his leg and is acute pain. Realise I'm waiting for a sign that this is the... Continue Reading →

Imaginary Dogs

I am re-blogging Jill’s post because I think it’s really interesting and visually great.

Jill's Blog

My dogs are away from home at the moment – they are in France with Andrew and Bella.

triangulated dogs
Le chezeau – newly mown grass and three dogs,

dogs with a plan
where they make their doggy plans,

red oak in spring 2
– and enjoy the spring.

Here in Leamington, meanwhile, I knock on busy people’s doors and interrupt their daily lives to ask them to think about politics.  They are remarkably polite (on the whole) considering we catch them when they’ve just got in tired from work; or they’re trying to cook a meal; or get the kids’ homework done.

I still join my dog-walk in the mornings though: wouldn’t be without the lively conversations and the fresh air on the Eagle.  “Where’s your dogs?” they say.
“Oh, I’m walking imaginary dogs,” – I’m bored with truths.  I have to walk imaginary dogs.  This morning we were talking about a bloke we have all met on the canal path…

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