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Making Sense of Life


Making Sense of Loss

Three Days by the Lake – cycle of life – Haibun

Haibun - Cycle of Life I am spending three days by  Derwent Water. I take the ferry from the town stop, on its circular journey around the small jetties. Hopeful clusters of people wait and wave as the ferry draws... Continue Reading →


My Dear Departed Dog – a Haibun

My Dear Departed Dog - a Haibun We friends step out of the café and part ways, I gaze at the familiar bustling street scene In front of me. It feels empty and I'm hit  again ---  you are not there, but gone for  ever.... Continue Reading →

Metaphors can help you and everyday bees

Metaphors can help you We sit in a bistro, sharing a large pot of tea, my friend and I. We are both over sixty, and our talk turns to growing older. I describe my indignation on receiving routine health updates from... Continue Reading →

Ties that bind us – love, fear and freedom

I'm signed up for a weekend course at a centre in rural Gloucestershire. It's titled :'Lifelines- how to have a free spirit when you draw people '. Intriguing, wonder what form the sessions will take. I've never been to this... Continue Reading →

The Unexpected Visit – travelling with loss

It's Saturday evening, at home. In my sitting room, the curtains are closed to shut out the cold evening. You, my partner, have been gone for four and a half years. I'm about to watch some tv. This room was... Continue Reading →

My neighbours the down to earth undertakers – loss as your travelling companion

Opposite my house, next door to the grocers, there's a firm of cheerful undertakers. I see them every-day, chat: ' How's your dog ? 'Doing OK for his age thanks'. 'Good crop of beans on my allotment this year.' '... Continue Reading →

Loss as your travelling companion- sea meditation

I have just been to the Greek island of Skyros. Very beautiful, surrounded by the tideless turquoise sea, impossible not to feel its mythic quality. As with any mythic journey, your arrival and departure are charged with feeling. The mythic... Continue Reading →

Hello again cooking, my companion loss and control pants

In no particular order, I'm writing about cooking, bereavement and control pants today. Let's start with cooking. I am attracted to cooking again. This popped into my head one morning - I'll look in my Ottolenghi book again, bought 3... Continue Reading →

New year, grief beads, growing older

I continue to keep the local chemist in business, buying lotions and potions. Hello 2015, wonder how you will be ? My dog Max is sniffing out the old year, the cast off tree. I quit my part-time job in... Continue Reading →

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