My Dear Departed Dog – a Haibun

We friends step out of the café and part ways, I gaze at the familiar bustling street scene

In front of me. It feels empty and I’m hit  again —  you are not there, but gone for  ever.

Lately, I’ve been  wired by the need to check the time – how long have I left you?

Alone so frail, so diminished, so dependent.

I find the corners of my heart are empty without you – I never knew until now

how fully you resided there. I  give away your unused food, uneaten when you gave up eating.

I foolishly comfort myself : you’ll be back soon,  oh no you won’t, ever.

I cherish your face steadily looking back at me on my phone.

Like that I can keep you close.


Your gift of love feeds

My soul. You are released

My loss is the toll