Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers Challenge this week, prompted by her photo of an extraordinary sky- scape

Looking and Seeing – August 18- by francineangelcakes

she gazes at the twilight sky. Blood red or  crimson clouds rolling into infinity ? ” It’s  been a helluva two months – made redundant, then my partner left. Bloody awful ! How to carry on, I  gotta get out of bed each morning, who cares ? Why bother,  no point. Those doomy people are right – we’re all going up in a Big Bang. Yet that sky is awesome, so endless, I could disappear into those crimson clouds, I could spread my wings and fly. Freed from those ties I had. I choose what I see .”





http://Another 100 words for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneer’s Challenge prompted by her photo of a closet-shower below                                        Rochelle Wiscoff-Fields’ photo of a closet shower

Domestic Peace by francineangelcakes

Breakfast eggs are boiling, sunny morning. I smell comfort in the aroma of toasting bread. My favourite time of day. Kids will be down in a minute. Them wham ! My sense of dread uncoils and bites me. Will the wretched letter come today ? For my court hearing, to face my sentence.  I’m so stupid ! Why did I get hooked on gambling, ‘borrow’ money to keep on gambling ? Why did I get caught ?My life shatters around me, shame, anger corrodes me, leaves me in pieces. I hear the letterbox clack. The letter drops onto the mat.