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I enjoy making quirky and kind observations about other peopleand about places. I write short word sketches about certain situations that feel significant to me, I draw little cartoons. I reflect on particular t.v programmes, films and books as they grab my interest

Weird Stories OUR TINY HEXAPOD FRIENDS 21.2.19

This is a short story, about subjects small in stature, multitudinous as a group. A recent newspaper report set me off.     OUR TINY HEXAPOD FRIENDS 'My name is Mr Doom  -- your Master of Ceremonies for tonight's show.... Continue Reading →


Friday Fictioneers WHAT IS LIFE ? 22.2.19

A bouquet of flowers is the  photo prompt for Rochelle's Friday Fictioneers this week. Can you write 100 words inspired by this image?  photo prompt : Rochelle            Poem courtesy of Ernest Dowson WHAT IS LIFE ? I nudge the... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 15.2.19 HEART OF STONE

photo prompt : JHardy Carroll   Rochelle's Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge this week is prompted by this mysterious building. Here's where my imagination led me. HEART OF STONE   Angela's crepe soled shoes squeaked as she strode along the... Continue Reading →

The British Virgin Islands Lucille’s Travel Tips 11.2.19 pegman

photo :   This week Pegman takes us to the British Virgin Islands, in the Carribean, in search of sunshine. The challenge is  -- can you write a 150 word story inspired by these beautiful islands ? LUCILLE'S TRAVEL... Continue Reading →

Sammi Cox challenge # 93 MANY HORIZONS 9.2.19

Sammi's challenge this week is to write exactly 74 words on the theme of horizons. MANY HORIZONS The alley near my house, strewn with  sodden wrappers, the shimmering mirage of an oasis in the desert, shadowy Bedouin amongst palm trees.... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers FIRE IN THE DARK 8.2.19

  PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala   Fire in the darkness - Rochelle's challenge this week is prompted by this mysterious image. FIRE IN THE DARK Said we'd meet here each winter, to renew our friendship, our connection, our shared... Continue Reading →

Sammi Cox challenge #92 Wool Gathering Feb 2nd 2019

Sammi's challenge this week is inspired by the word : wool gathering  -- in 36 words. This is what came to me. WOOLGATHERING When we three sheep gather together what we share is the steamy smell of wool drying in... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 1.2.19 The Set Up

  PHOTO PROMPT © Renee Heath Rochelle's challenge this week is prompted by this intriguing photo. This is where my imagination led me. Glad to be back with Friday Fictioneers, been on holiday. THE SET UP Her eyes shine with... Continue Reading →

HELTER SKELTER Sammi Cox challenge #91 26.1.19

This week's challenge from Sammi Cox is to write exactly 111 words inspired by the word  Helter Skelter. This is where my imagination took me. HELTER SKELTER Hurry -- coat on -- no shoes, slippers will do. Time now 9.20,... Continue Reading →

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