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Haiku : Negative Space

                                                   images courtesy of pic2fly + intropsych   Negative Space Our negative space Is our alternative truth Both our truths at once

Catalonia Part 2 – Energy

                                                                                                       Solsona             Catalonia - a Haibun Feel the spring of energy bubbling from the red baked earth, alchemy transforming plants and stones into built forms. A white haired woman... Continue Reading →

What Feeds Us – as well as food ?

What feeds us  - as well as food ? For me : A summer wind that sways the sways the trees, softly nudges me. My old pals who left small plates of food outside my door when I would not... Continue Reading →

Castle in Catalonia – the subversive spirit of Catalonians Part 1

I took a trip to Catalonia, in Northern Spain, to learn a little about the subversive, independent creativity of the Catalonians. And stayed in a castle, Cardona castle. A medieval castle now a hotel. My room was high up, a room with... Continue Reading →

Elephant in the Room : Poem

Poem prompted by a personal experience, and wider world events...                                                 images courtesy of +                                                              Elephant in the Room We sit around talking - life , politics, media. One quiet, one brash, another charismatic. Voices rise, he... Continue Reading →

A Poem : Plea Bargain with Ageing

Plea Bargain with Ageing Another friend, another ailment, spasm  of fear, share their shock, their dread, their indignation. Awful shaming thought, I'm glad it's not me, next time it may be. A mounting tally of ailments now, stacking up to derail... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tale # 40 Those Were the Days Twittering Tale # 38 The Rickety Bridge Twittering Tale #36 Bright Blue Sky # 34 Strange Foods Twittering Tales # 33 the Twitching Curtain #32 the Glittering Fly # 29 Magic Ball #28 The Portrait #26 The Rear View Mirror

Twittering Tale #40 Those Were the Days Kat's photo this week - an old vinyl record playing on an old fashioned turntable. What's the story behind this do you think ? This is where the image took me - nostalgia. Continue Reading →

Enchanted Eventide : poem inspired by an enchanting photo Over at Sometimes Stellar Story Teller, Nicola sets a poetry challenge, using her enchanting photo as a prompt. Here's my take. Enchanted Eventide I walk the dreamy woodland path, this quiet spring twilight. The path curves, I find a... Continue Reading →

Historic Warwick : the Master’s Secret Garden

I have never gone into the other world of the Lord Leycester Hospital, in historic Warwick. I have driven past before, idly wondered what sort of place it is. Today, sun shining, I feel a curiosity, a mood to explore. I... Continue Reading →

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