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A Poem : Plea Bargain with Ageing

Plea Bargain with Ageing Another friend, another ailment, spasm  of fear, share their shock, their dread, their indignation. Awful shaming thought, I'm glad it's not me, next time it may be. A mounting tally of ailments now, stacking up to derail... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tale #26 The Rear View Mirror – who’s behind you ?

Over on Kat Myrman's  blog, there's a mysterious photo : view through the rear view mirror of a car, to prompt you to write a twittering tale. 140 characters. Twittering Tale #26 – 18 April 2017 Here's my take... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Eventide : poem inspired by an enchanting photo Over at Sometimes Stellar Story Teller, Nicola sets a poetry challenge, using her enchanting photo as a prompt. Here's my take. Enchanted Eventide I walk the dreamy woodland path, this quiet spring twilight. The path curves, I find a... Continue Reading →

Historic Warwick : the Master’s Secret Garden

I have never gone into the other world of the Lord Leycester Hospital, in historic Warwick. I have driven past before, idly wondered what sort of place it is. Today, sun shining, I feel a curiosity, a mood to explore. I... Continue Reading →

Surface tension : I watch the waterboatmen on my pond

First some definitions : Surface tension: a fine film on the surface of the water Waterboatmen/ water striders : small insects such as waterboatmen can 'walk on water' because their weight is not enough to penetrate the water.                                                              Image... Continue Reading →

A Twittering Tale – March 1st 2017-

Here's my take on the mysterious lighted match - a Twittering tale, written for : https:// tales- Gondolier: Carnival is over Colombine. Your lover Harlequin lies in the crypt. Be brave, follow this light  

The Squabs are here : a flight of fancy

                                                          Image courtesy of Please indulge me in this flight of fancy : The Squabs are Here They appeared  at dawn, Their vastness blocking out the pale sunrise. They fed and fed all day, gorging on a cornucopia of... Continue Reading →

Diverse Dialogues

  The scene : Wholefood co-op shop, their post Christmas sale... I am browsing, the  spelt crackers, miso paste, crunchy peanut butter ..hmmm. I enjoy the ambiance in this place, homely non supermarket wooden shelves, mis-shapen vegetables, supporting local cake maker,... Continue Reading →

Got those dark winter Blues

I've got those dark winter blues. Daft I know - it is just winter. But... it has a closed down, dead end feel. A flatness, like a subway tunnel where there is no natural light.This is winter, full of dank, damp... Continue Reading →

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