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Friday Fictioneers 15 September 2017 Favourite Toast Photo prompt by Kelvin M. Knight Rochelle's photo image this week is of a slice of wholesome bread with a heart shape carved out from the centre of the slice. Most intriguing. Here's my 100 word story. Favourite Toast... Continue Reading →


Twittering Tales #49 The Discreet Hotel

Twittering Tale #49 – 12 September 2017 Photo by Tim Savage at Kat's photo this week is of a hotel corridor - a hushed, smart hotel interior. Impossible not to imagine what goes on here behind closed doors.... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 8th September 2017 The Lonely Path

photo prompt Danny Bowman   Rochelle's photo this week is an atmospheric moorland path, underneath a dark and looming sky. Here's my story : The Lonely Path by francineangelcakes " I gotta meet Jo, I'm so scared, everything's different now... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tales # 48 September 2017 The Diverse Diner

photo : coffee shop from "Free Images" on Kat's photo this week is of a coffee shop, or previously a 'dime diner', a cosy rendezvous place, for all sorts of customers...Here's my take I'm Ed its my diner Mornings... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tales # 47 Aug 29th 2017 Payback Time ? photo by David Estebanez @   Kat's photo prompt this week is of a cluster of shiney new marbles. Led me to think about Britain's colonial past, would you believe ? UK Envoy           ... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneer’s Challenge: Looking and Seeing August 18th Rochelle Wisoff-Fields' Friday Fictioneers Challenge this week, prompted by her photo of an extraordinary sky- scape Looking and Seeing - August 18- by francineangelcakes she gazes at the twilight sky. Blood red or  crimson clouds rolling into infinity... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tale #46 – 22 August 2017 Cosmic Picnic Twittering Tale # 46  22 August 2017  - Cosmic Picnic photo from Kat's photo this week is inspired by the recent eclipse, set me thinking about cosmic events. Forget the eclipse, I can see molten lava coming out... Continue Reading →

My Dear Departed Dog – a Haibun

My Dear Departed Dog - a Haibun We friends step out of the café and part ways, I gaze at the familiar bustling street scene In front of me. It feels empty and I'm hit  again ---  you are not there, but gone for  ever.... Continue Reading →

Haiku : Negative Space

                                                   images courtesy of pic2fly + intropsych   Negative Space Our negative space Is our alternative truth Both our truths at once

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