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Twittering Tales #58 Nov 11th 2017 The Island

Kat's photo prompt this week is of a quiet man, with a lit lantern approaching the shore at dusk. What could he be up to ? Here's my tale - The Island. Twittering Tales #58 – 14 November 2017... Continue Reading →


Sunday Writing Prompt #227 Letters to Characters : Dear Margaret Atwood

Here is my letter to Margaret Atwood, in response to the Sunday Writing Prompt #227 from mindlovemiserysmenagerie photo courtesy of   Dear Margaret Atwood I've been a long term admirer of yours and I'd like to tell you... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 10th Nov 2017 Velocity

photo courtesy of Marie Gail Stratford           Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers' 100 word stories Velocity These penthouse windows, only open three inches. Hah ! health and safety that's why, control no fresh... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tale # 57 November 7th 2017 Dorothy’s Bicycle

Twittering Tale #57 – 7 November 2017 Kat's photo prompt this week is a bicycle saddle, a traditional kind of saddle, maybe a bicycle propped against a tree, in a wood....why is it there ? Photo: “Saddle” by PIRO4D... Continue Reading →

Start-rite Shoes – a haiku

Start-rite Shoes Seeing this 1950's poster recently sent me spirally down the rabbit hole of memory  into childhood, an Alice tumbling down  into her Wonderland. I feel a stab of poignancy, of protectiveness for the smallness of the little boy... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tales# 55 October 24th The Tunnel and the Antique Lift photo by GuillermoEstrada @ Here's my Tale for this week, prompted by Kat's photo of an eerie tunnel. The Tunnel and the Antique Lift Hotels proud of their antique lift down to the beach You're kidding it... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 19th Oct 2017 – Aunt Nina and the Sanguine Tree PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook Here's my take on the 100 word story challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisof Wild Aunt Nina and the Sanguine Tree Wild Aunt Nina had a lover - Archie. She was passionate, a free spirit.... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers October 6th 2017 Country Roads : where do they lead us ?   photo from Karen and Josh Country Roads : where do they lead us ? It's a place I dream of, where I was born, my home. Small rural spot in the middle of nowhere. My dream is with... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tale# 52 October 3rd 2017 Clown at the Fair Kat's photo this week is a clown - is he smiling ?  Maybe not. Here's my tale. Photo by GLady on                                  ... Continue Reading →

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