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Twittering Tale #67 Jan 16th 2018 May the Force Be with You

Twittering Tale #67 – 16 January 2018 – “The Tree” Photo by veeterzy at   Kat's photo prompt this week, to inspire us to write a 280 character tale, is  of a gnarled and ancient tree.     Here's... Continue Reading →


Start-rite Shoes – a haiku

Start-rite Shoes Seeing this 1950's poster recently sent me spirally down the rabbit hole of memory  into childhood, an Alice tumbling down  into her Wonderland. I feel a stab of poignancy, of protectiveness for the smallness of the little boy... Continue Reading →

What Feeds Us – as well as food ?

What feeds us  - as well as food ? For me : A summer wind that sways the sways the trees, softly nudges me. My old pals who left small plates of food outside my door when I would not... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Eventide : poem inspired by an enchanting photo Over at Sometimes Stellar Story Teller, Nicola sets a poetry challenge, using her enchanting photo as a prompt. Here's my take. Enchanted Eventide I walk the dreamy woodland path, this quiet spring twilight. The path curves, I find a... Continue Reading →

Surface tension : I watch the waterboatmen on my pond

First some definitions : Surface tension: a fine film on the surface of the water Waterboatmen/ water striders : small insects such as waterboatmen can 'walk on water' because their weight is not enough to penetrate the water.                                                              Image... Continue Reading →

The Squabs are here : a flight of fancy

                                                          Image courtesy of Please indulge me in this flight of fancy : The Squabs are Here They appeared  at dawn, Their vastness blocking out the pale sunrise. They fed and fed all day, gorging on a cornucopia of... Continue Reading →

Diverse Dialogues

  The scene : Wholefood co-op shop, their post Christmas sale... I am browsing, the  spelt crackers, miso paste, crunchy peanut butter ..hmmm. I enjoy the ambiance in this place, homely non supermarket wooden shelves, mis-shapen vegetables, supporting local cake maker,... Continue Reading →

Got those dark winter Blues

I've got those dark winter blues. Daft I know - it is just winter. But... it has a closed down, dead end feel. A flatness, like a subway tunnel where there is no natural light.This is winter, full of dank, damp... Continue Reading →

New Year, new Instagram account. Welcome to 2017

I have a new Instagram account.  I'm learning about #themes, joining in conversations. And sharing other people's fabulous photos . Maybe they'll like some of mine. First thing to do is  figure out what I'm interested in, not always so easy to pin down... Continue Reading →

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