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Life? What Really Matters

The Squabs are here : a flight of fancy

                                                          Image courtesy of Please indulge me in this flight of fancy : The Squabs are Here They appeared  at dawn, Their vastness blocking out the pale sunrise. They fed and fed all day, gorging on a cornucopia of... Continue Reading →


Diverse Dialogues

  The scene : Wholefood co-op shop, their post Christmas sale... I am browsing, the  spelt crackers, miso paste, crunchy peanut butter ..hmmm. I enjoy the ambiance in this place, homely non supermarket wooden shelves, mis-shapen vegetables, supporting local cake maker,... Continue Reading →

Got those dark winter Blues

I've got those dark winter blues. Daft I know - it is just winter. But... it has a closed down, dead end feel. A flatness, like a subway tunnel where there is no natural light.This is winter, full of dank, damp... Continue Reading →

Blazing Autumn

  I couldn't resist sharing this image of 'onion' squashes, bought from the local greengrocers. They are so beautiful I think. The splendid  side of autumn, not the melancholy.    

Metaphors can help you and everyday bees

Metaphors can help you We sit in a bistro, sharing a large pot of tea, my friend and I. We are both over sixty, and our talk turns to growing older. I describe my indignation on receiving routine health updates from... Continue Reading →

How do you order your chaos ?

How do you order your chaos ? I saw a sign visiting a rural eighteenth century house- Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire. An eighteenth century motto on display declared:  World is Chaos / Creativity is order. Set me thinking... Creativity to me is a... Continue Reading →

Soulful Astronaut – Star Sailor

Sun shining, Sunday morning, driving along an urban highway feeling relaxed. My car radio plays 'Desert Island Discs'. The interviewer asks :'Which eight records would you take to your desert island Commander Chris Hadfield? You are a Canadian astronaut'. He... Continue Reading →

What Really Matters ? To You, to Me ?

It's dark outside, 4pm in December. Something about winter makes me think about what really matters. To me, to us. Is it small things like what brand of coffee I like the best ? Or the big things such as... Continue Reading →

Where do we keep our ancestors ? June 2015

Where do we keep our ancestors ?This sign in the Chinese Collection Room at Compton Verney hooked my attention : 'During the Bronze Age, the immediate presence of the ancestors had been sought by using music, food, wine to attract spirits... Continue Reading →

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