photo courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff=Fields

Rochelle’s photo prompt this week is of a beautiful cut glass bowl, that inspired my 100 word story.

Who Broke In ?

Well Detective Burran, what do we glean from this crime scene ? Apartment owners called us, reported a break-in whilst they were out.

We need to check for theft – laptops, objets d’art, money or damage. Any fingerprints ? No.

Strange, Oates, the purpose of the forced entry is what ? Owners report they  found their family photo album open at the page containing their grand-parents’ wedding photos. Also the album had been moved next to their family heirloom glass bowl. Today is the anniversary of their grand-parents’ wedding.

So Burran, no crime here.

Oates, do you catch the faint aroma of rose petals ?