San Ignacio de Velasco, © Google Maps


Pegman takes us to San Ignacio, in Bolivia this week. The challenge is to write a 150 word story, inspired by the photo. Here’s mine.


‘C’mon Bro’s, let’s catch this city Low Life. Forget the harvest. This cheat has brought dishonour for our sister Mendia, he’s spat upon our family’s honour. Promised to marry her then ran off.’

Fredo  – ‘Lets’ try Santa Cruz…’

Angelo – ‘Stupid idea, our old car won’t make it’.

Alejandra – ‘ Are we going to kill him ? No? Make him marry Mendia ? ‘

Fredo – ‘ Try this dirt road to the lake.’

Hey – what’s happened here ? Swerved tyre tracks in the dirt, right up to the water’s edge…

Car abandoned.. doors flung open. Smell of hot metal – been here a while.

Look in the car … Any blood ?  Bullet holes ?

Here’s a wallet, got Low Life’s I.D card, no money. Maybe a robbery, drug related ?

There’s gloves on the back seat, dark red stains on them,  an empty cartridge case on the floor.

He has disappeared. Oh well,  duty done, let’s go for a beer.