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Pegman in Bristol Jan 29th 2018 Bristol Suspension Bridge week, Pegman is in Bristol, U.K. This is the Bristol Suspension Bridge, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel   photo courtesy of I am Isambard Kingdom Brunel,  different to other men, I solve insoluble problems, dream up designs never... Continue Reading →


Friday Fictioneers 22 Dec 2017 My Hat Rochelle  - thanks for hosting this 100 word story challenge. A seasonal photo prompt this week, a table piled high with woolly hats, courtesy of Bjorn Rudberg   PHOTO PROMPT © Björn Rudberg Here's my story. My Hat Found... Continue Reading →

Catalonia Part 2 – Energy

                                                                                                       Solsona             Catalonia - a Haibun Feel the spring of energy bubbling from the red baked earth, alchemy transforming plants and stones into built forms. A white haired woman... Continue Reading →

Castle in Catalonia – the subversive spirit of Catalonians Part 1

I took a trip to Catalonia, in Northern Spain, to learn a little about the subversive, independent creativity of the Catalonians. And stayed in a castle, Cardona castle. A medieval castle now a hotel. My room was high up, a room with... Continue Reading →

Beautiful clothes and the decade long party

Have you ever been to the Textile Museum, in London? Just now they have 'Clothes for the Jazz Age'. You step into the dark interior, lit as for a stage set. Each area is a set with a painted backdrop -... Continue Reading →

Where to next ?  The Monster Park, a woodland inhabited by huge stone creatures and mythical beings. A folly from 1552, where the cleverly designed winding paths lead you to meet.. an elephant, giants, a turtle, a mermaid. You step into a dream... Continue Reading →

September trip to Italy, just North of Rome, the Bel Paese. A chance to encounter the Etruscans. Gazing across the terra cotta rooftops, already I breath deeply, glad to be here. The Etruscans were based in this region. Who and... Continue Reading →

How do you order your chaos ?

How do you order your chaos ? I saw a sign visiting a rural eighteenth century house- Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire. An eighteenth century motto on display declared:  World is Chaos / Creativity is order. Set me thinking... Creativity to me is a... Continue Reading →

My Circle Dance Day in Malvern

We arrive in Malvern, a pastoral, hilly place and look for the church hall. Here it is , an austere and solid building. I ask myself, what am I expecting from this day of circle dancing ? The circle dancing... Continue Reading →

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