Image c/o M. Takamura

image c/o M Takamura                                                                     

This week’s pegman challenge takes us to the Faroe Islands – stark and dark landscapes and few people. Here’s my 150 word story.


‘Sit here on the grass, let’s take in this wild landscape. A break from our seminary training, to revel in these magical views, here in this island full of myths and mystery. No wonder there are folk stories of charming little elf people, hidden in the wild mountains., who hate modern life . And…hah hah ! –hate the Church !’

‘ Loki, Baugi,, Tikki, Borr   shhhhhhhhhhh…listen…..Humans talking…

Charming ? Us ?! We are the Hidden People, they are priests. Priests. Never forget Ancestor Alvis, the fool, asked a priest to visit his rock dwelling. Alas the priest used his sorcery to seal the dwelling forever. I still hear their screams and moans. ‘

‘Time to go, leave this magical place. Whoaa – there’s a cloud of midges around your head, mine too. And my phone has just vanished.  Who on this mystical island do this to us ?’