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Pegman this week takes us to Krakow, Poland. Photo :


‘Nigel – here’s Tomasza Street, my Mama’s house. I’m so excited. Not seen Mama for a whole year ! Mama, we’re here.’

Ah, Mama’s baking : I breath in the warm chocolately aroma of paczki – baby Tom will love that.

‘Natalia — let me hug you, dearest daughter, and little Tom. He’s a little chubkin. Translate for me : tell Nigel I’m pleased to see him too. Tea, paczki, just baked ? So much catching up to do. Hannah, take you sister for a stroll around, see her old school, the church…’

‘Hannah, my old school playground —  can still hear those cruel girls taunting me : fatty ! fatty ! I’m not am I ?’

‘No that was a long time ago Nat. You live in England now.’

‘Feel I’m a ghost haunting my own childhood. Severed from where I once belonged, Hannah. Where do I fit in now ?

‘Wherever you choose to dearest sister.’