Do you want to have a go at Dawn’s end of year ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ challenge ? An alternative to New Year’s Resolutions. Click on the link to Dawn’s blog to learn more about the challenge. It’s an invitation to contribute to positivity, and join others who’d like to be positive.

The 2018 Annual Attitude of Gratitude: Bloggers Flood The Internet With Happiness & Positivity!

Here’s what I came up with in  15 minutes of free flow ideas about what makes me happy and grateful.

  1. My brother who looks out for me and is so kind.
  2. Being in the same life as Basil the dog who loves me and licks me.
  3. The  calm and friendly town where I live.
  4. Chances to be creative – to write, to dance to sing with my choir.
  5. Do Tai Qi.
  6. To be able to use my imagination, to invent stories.
  7. To share other people’s stories.
  8. To walk in the park and breath in the simplicity of nature
  9. To enjoy satirical cartoons as a way to let off steam.
  10. To cook using my wok.
  11. To provide food for the wild birds and watch them fly about and eat.
  12. To travel and absorb the differences between cultures and countries.
  13. To share good craic with my sisters.
  14. Get the giggles and be silly.
  15. That I can help other people to feel better and to get to like themselves again.
  16. Cleaning out cupboards at new Year.
  17. Watch dramas on tv that wrap me up in their stories.
  18. To receive kindness from loving people.
  19. To be kind to those I love and care about.
  20. Being part of a  community group that campaigns and supports local people.