A woman sweeps the street outside the opposition MDC’s headquarters in Harare on Thursday, a day after three people were shot dead in post-election violence.

photo courtesy of Reuters        A woman sweeping up after the protests in 2.8.18

Pegman takes us to Zimbabwe this week.



Radio : ‘ Protests are erupting in Zimbabwe. Reporting from Harare : angry crowds are challenging the landslide winning election results, alleged by the ruling party. Protesters are saying that the results are marred by electoral abuses…….’

‘Just think Tamira, your son and my daughter are protesting now’.

‘Yes Kundai, the first election since that man quit. It’s a big deal. I fear for our kids safety in those crowds.’

‘I accept change takes time. I want to be there when it happens.’

‘Its slow, we’ve been through many injustices for so long.’

‘It’s for our children and their children, not us.’

‘We need to dig deep Kundai, into our endurance, and let a shoot of hope grow.

Phone :  ‘Nyika  — where are you ? How was it ? Are you both OK ? Bruised, shaken..you witnessed shooting ? You are there, pushing for equality. I’m so proud of you.’