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This week Pegman takes us to Tehran, Iran. Here’s my 150 word story.


‘ Amir, sit in the shade with me for a bit. How long have you been working at the masjid ? Along time ?  Like me. I’m sure there are more cars in Tehran now. More tourists too.

Inside the masjid, sometimes I stop, gaze upwards at the qubba and marvel. The dome soaring above us like the vault of heaven, with its breath-taking patterns. They fill me with inspiration. Those hanging lamps that make a soft mystical space which draws us into worship. I am proud of our heritage, Amir, our maths, our science, our music, our art. Islam’s gift to the world.

I wish my daughter and her daughter could be freer – to work as equals, to have a voice that’s listened to,  and choices – don’t you ? Hey – here comes the supervisor – back to work.’