PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

                    Rochelle’s photo challenge this week is extremely musical.

Here’s my 100 word story.


‘Mama drones on : ‘Wunderkind.. genius, a modern Mozart. You’ve done 6 hours practice ? Not enough !  Do 8 hours. You want to shame us at your big solo performance ? Do it for Mama, you are our pride and joy Wolfie.’

‘That’s it Mama –  one more wrong word from you and ….. I can’t stand another day in this airless space, this room overflowing with instruments. Say ‘shame’ one more time and I’m off. Don’t know where I’ll go, maybe hitchhike to the city. I could join a punk band, sing the blues, write film scores….?

Mama’s out of the house  – this is it, I love you but I have to leave  —   auf Wiedersehen Mama.’