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Twittering Tales #49 The Discreet Hotel

Twittering Tale #49 – 12 September 2017 Photo by Tim Savage at Kat's photo this week is of a hotel corridor - a hushed, smart hotel interior. Impossible not to imagine what goes on here behind closed doors.... Continue Reading →


Twittering Tales # 48 September 2017 The Diverse Diner

photo : coffee shop from "Free Images" on Kat's photo this week is of a coffee shop, or previously a 'dime diner', a cosy rendezvous place, for all sorts of customers...Here's my take I'm Ed its my diner Mornings... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tales # 47 Aug 29th 2017 Payback Time ? photo by David Estebanez @   Kat's photo prompt this week is of a cluster of shiney new marbles. Led me to think about Britain's colonial past, would you believe ? UK Envoy           ... Continue Reading →

A Twittering Tale – March 1st 2017-

Here's my take on the mysterious lighted match - a Twittering tale, written for : https:// tales- Gondolier: Carnival is over Colombine. Your lover Harlequin lies in the crypt. Be brave, follow this light  

Max and his reindeer jumper

Couldn't resist sharing this picture of Max in his new Christmas jumper..... Suits him, don't you think ?

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