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Friday Fictioneers 3.4.20 ISOLATION

Click the Frogs to join the fun! Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to Douglas M Mcillroy for the photo prompt.   ISOLATION I take in the empty city-scape below me. Day twenty of isolation. I dream of sharing a... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers June 14th JOB DONE

This week, Rochelle's Friday Fictioneers is prompted by this fine old photo.                                                        ... Continue Reading →

Sammi Cox # 89 Silhouette 14.1.19 He sees a shadow by the far corner of the Piazza. Blinks --- it's gone. The slanting dusk light makes a soft sepia shape of her briefly. His heart contracts with longing. Noonday sun... Continue Reading →

Resolute Bay NU 26.8.18 PLACE WITH NO DAWN pegman

photo courtesy of cbcca               Pegman this week takes us to Resolute Bay, remotest of Canada. Here's my 150 word story. PLACE WITH NO DAWN Pa stares at the fire, face etched with adversity.... Continue Reading →

Montevideo Uruguay 11.8.18 WHO IS HE ? pegman

photo courtesy of Melitha Blasco                      Pegman this week takes us to the fascinating city of Montevideo in Uruguay. Are you inspired to write a 159 word story prompted by this... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers June 29th 2018 Performance

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields                     Rochelle's photo challenge this week is extremely musical. Here's my 100 word story. PERFORMANCE 'Mama drones on : 'Wunderkind.. genius, a modern Mozart. You've done... Continue Reading →

Cadillac Ranch Texas – Tribunal in Yorg – pegman 9th June 2018

photo courtesy of pinterest                                                                        ... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tales # 84 May 15th 2018 Dreams

Twittering Tales #84 – 15 May 2018   photo by malmanxg at unsplash This mysterious photo is the prompt for Kat's latest Twittering Tales Challenge. Here's my take on it.                    ... Continue Reading →

Queen Eleanor at Caenarfon Castle 12th May 2018 pegman

photo courtesy of This week, Pegman's challenge takes us to Caenarfon Castle in Gwynedd. The year is 1283.   Diary of Queen Eleanor of Castile, Queen Consort of Edward 1 1283 July : Marriage to Edward solemnised today. I... Continue Reading →

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