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Friday Fictioneers April 9th 2021 New Horizons Travel


Thanks to dear Rochelle foe hosting Friday Fictioneers and to Brenda Cox for the photograph.


NEW HORIZONS TRAVEL                                   

‘Hello ladies and gentlemen it’s your tour operator Tim here. We’ve reached the Tang Fu street market. Our visit will be speedy as we’re booked to see the Temple of Heaven in half an hour. Kindly stay close to Mr Lee your guide and let him do all the bartering for the mystical artefacts you’ll be sure to want.’


‘Tim, its Mr Lee, they’ve all disappeared, vanished into the crowd. I was  distracted by the ginseng stall for a brief minute. Just one person came back, Mrs Dream, she muttered about portals and aliens, it made no sense. How do we explain this to New Horizons ?’

19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers April 9th 2021 New Horizons Travel

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  1. Cue the music for “The Twilight Zone” 🙂

  2. Laughing.
    And this is why I’d never take a tour!

  3. Dear Francine,

    Portals, aliens and ginseng…oh my! Good one.



  4. Now that was unexpected. What a good take on the prompt.

  5. I like “artefacts you’ll be sure to want”. A bit of subliminal messaging 🙂
    I wonder if Mrs Dream is living up to her name? Otherwise, the tour group has certainly found “New Horizons” 🙂

  6. Good one. I’d like to hear that explanation. LOL!

  7. They can’t complain they didn’t get their money’s worth on that holiday!

  8. Uh oh. Houston, we have a problem. Unique take on the prompt, enjoyed it.

  9. I love this, it combines mystery, magic and SF in one.

  10. Now that’s what I call a magical mystery tour

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