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Friday Fictioneers March 11th 2022 ADRIFT

Thanks to dear Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and to Lisa Fox for the photo.

March  11th 2022   ADRIFT                               

 ‘Let me introduce myself, I am Ursula, I’m a life coach, good at setting goals with my clients when they need a nudge about life’s purpose.

Out of the blue I’ve had  oh so vivid dreams  which end up at Grandad’s cottage. I am a lost, terrified little girl, and grandad’s not at home.

Grandad could  make everything alright for me, I know that. He wraps his arms around me. He used to read me stories when I was little, my favourite , Goldie locks and the three bears. Father Bear’s porridge is too hot, Mother Bear’s porridge is too cold and Baby Bear’s porridge is, well it’s just right.





19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers March 11th 2022 ADRIFT

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  1. Dear Francine,

    I love this glimpse into the life coaches own anxiety. Well done.



  2. Hmm. A life coach who guides other towards goals and purpose but is herself lost and terrified. Great title for this. I like how you’ve used the fairy tale, too.

  3. Charming. Special memories mean so much. 🙂

  4. Always nice when we have a granddad to remember.

  5. I like your memories of Grandpa.

  6. Grandad would always serve perfect porridge 🙂

  7. Fond memories.

  8. I can see Granddad

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