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Friday Fictioneers March 5th 2022 TRUTH

  • TRUTH    

‘I can’t look at that tower, makes me dizzy.’

‘Why is that Celeste ?. It such a unique monument.’

‘’Because it’s not straight, Salvatore, it’s untrustworthy, could topple over at any time. It defies gravity’.

‘Just think of the architect, Dioat Salvi , who started the Torre de Piza in 1173.

Can you imagine the chutzpah of the man ?’ And it’s still standing, entrancing so many people.

Apparently the tower does not fall because its centre of gravity has been carefully kept within its base.’

Does the truth need to be perpendicular Celeste?’


11 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers March 5th 2022 TRUTH

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  1. I prefer the truth to be perpendicular, though. Fun story!

  2. Thanks for your comment, it is wise thought Neil.

  3. Dear Francine,

    The truth is something that seems to be getting skewed in every direction these days, doesn’t it? Hopefully the tower has been secured enough it won’t topple. Nicely done.



  4. Doe the truth need to be perpendicular? That’s going to worry me forever now. I think I’m with Celeste – if it’s not straight up and down, I don’t trust it.

  5. Perhaps, Celeste has not grasped subtext of the conversation.

  6. It’s difficult to get the straight truth about anything these days.

  7. Perhaps the truth needs good foundations

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