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Friday Fictioneers October 6th 2017 Country Roads : where do they lead us ?   photo from Karen and Josh Country Roads : where do they lead us ? It's a place I dream of, where I was born, my home. Small rural spot in the middle of nowhere. My dream is with... Continue Reading →


Catalonia Part 2 – Energy

                                                                                                       Solsona             Catalonia - a Haibun Feel the spring of energy bubbling from the red baked earth, alchemy transforming plants and stones into built forms. A white haired woman... Continue Reading →

Castle in Catalonia – the subversive spirit of Catalonians Part 1

I took a trip to Catalonia, in Northern Spain, to learn a little about the subversive, independent creativity of the Catalonians. And stayed in a castle, Cardona castle. A medieval castle now a hotel. My room was high up, a room with... Continue Reading →

Historic Warwick : the Master’s Secret Garden

I have never gone into the other world of the Lord Leycester Hospital, in historic Warwick. I have driven past before, idly wondered what sort of place it is. Today, sun shining, I feel a curiosity, a mood to explore. I... Continue Reading →

Where to next ?  The Monster Park, a woodland inhabited by huge stone creatures and mythical beings. A folly from 1552, where the cleverly designed winding paths lead you to meet.. an elephant, giants, a turtle, a mermaid. You step into a dream... Continue Reading →

September trip to Italy, just North of Rome, the Bel Paese. A chance to encounter the Etruscans. Gazing across the terra cotta rooftops, already I breath deeply, glad to be here. The Etruscans were based in this region. Who and... Continue Reading →

My trip to Sicily part two

Where were we - oh yes, in the Buonivini Vineyard. Now onto Syracuse, site of an ancient city,  the most powerful Greek city, west of mainland Greece. Greek Dionysus 1 the tyrant, made Siracuse into the powerhouse it became. Now, the... Continue Reading →

My trip to South Eastern Sicily – part one

I've just been to Sicily, the south east of the island. The tour is titled 'Montelbano's Sicily'. You may/ may not know that Montelbano is a fictional Sicilian policeman, whose stories are written by Camillieri, a Sicilian detective writer. In a... Continue Reading →

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