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15th May 2020 COLOURS

      Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle, photo prompt by Jan Wayne Fields COLOURS I stare at the monotone slate sky beyond my 10th floor apartment, dragged down by the grey rain, blurring even the red, amber, green gum-drop... Continue Reading →

Pegman 16.3.19 Northern Ireland OLD SCARS NEW THREATS

photo courtesy of   Pegman takes us to Northern Ireland, in honour of St. Patrick's day. The challenge, to write 150 words inspired by this country and its culture. OLD SCARS, NEW THREATS " I've a bad feeling Bernie..."... Continue Reading →

Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Challenge 5.1.19 Sicily : a Haiban

SICILY : A HAIBAN We see the broken stones of the past remnants of power, now strewn on arid soil, faiths of centuries pass. We stop to wonder at these fragments. Are we like them ? Invisible roots reach deep... Continue Reading →

Tehran IRAN June 30th 2018 GIFT TO THE WORLD pegman

  photo of Shah's Mosque courtesy of     This week Pegman takes us to Tehran, Iran. Here's my 150 word story. GIFT TO THE WORLD ' Amir, sit in the shade with me for a bit. How long... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 20 June 2018 LOST AND FOUND

  PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria Rochelle's prompt this week is a scene of sunlit canals, quiet streets. Perhaps a backwater behind the busy centre of Venice ? Here is my 100 word story. LOST AND FOUND I merge... Continue Reading →

May 5th Tulum, Mexico Maria’s Quinceanera pegman

Pegman takes us to Tulum, Mexico this week The  challenge to create a 150 word story inspired by the location. Here's my story. Maria's Quinceanera ' Maria ! Come here, I need to check your party dress.' 'Mama, I have... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers May 4th 2018 Greek Stories

PHOTO PROMPT © Karen Rawson Rochelle's challenge this week, is Karen's intriguing photo prompt - what is this place ?  You have a 100 words to respond. Greek Stories Penny: 'The clock measures my solitary time  - another day, year,... Continue Reading →

Botswana Southern Africa 21st April 2018 End of the Day pegman

photo courtesy of YouTube. Pegman takes us to Botswana, in Sothern Africa. The challenge - to write a 150 word story Here's my story.                                ... Continue Reading →

Twittering Tale #79 10th April 2018 Down the River

Kat's challenge this week is the exotic photo prompt. Keen photographers at the very have 280 characters to create a story. Here's mine - Photo by leoperezwildadventure at   Down the River Its my dream the Real... Continue Reading →

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