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Pegman takes us to Botswana, in Sothern Africa. The challenge – to write a 150 word story Here’s my story.

                                      End of the Day

Here am I, Rapula, scuffing up the dusty road on my way home to the village. Cicadas rattle in the dried up scrub. Been foraging for wild food all day. Anything for us to eat – roots, plants, herbs for medicine. The land is parched, nothing to scavenge for man or beast.

My belly grumbles, Mama won’t be pleased with my half empty basket. She is getting thin. Not enough for a family. We long for the rainy season and plenty of food.  Papa may need to go to the town for work, far from our village. I worry for him, what will happen to us ? My boyfriend is already there – miss him so much. I call him on the village phone, if there’s a signal. I long to hear him laugh.

The shadows become darkness, it’s cooler. I wrap my shawl around me. Nearly home, cooking fires, food and my family.